2019-2020 Month 3

Week 3.1 What made art valuable?
1. Read this essay.
2. Research 1 famous artist who was commissioned. State their name, who commissioned them, and name the works completed in your post.
3. Choose an artist that hasn't been posted on by a  classmate.

Week 3.2 Is there a difference between art and craft?
1. Watch the TED Ed video.
2. What is the difference between art and craft?
3. Do you agree with this distinction? Why or why not?

3.3 What is Cultural Heritage?
1. Watch this video.
2. What is Cultural Heritage and should it be preserved?  Why?

3.4 How does one visually analyze art?
1. Watch this video.
2. Explain the 10 areas discussed in the video.


2019-2020 Month 2

Week 2.1
1. View the website below.
2. Describe a current exhibit.
3. Which works caught your attention and why?
4. Return to comment on classmate responses.

Art Exhibits

Week 2.2
1.  Watch "Why do we look at art?"
2. Answer in the comments section.
3. Return and comment on the posting of a classmate. Do you agree or disagree with their position? Why

Week 2.3
1. Watch " A Brief History of Modern Culture".
2. Explain what modern culture is in the comments section.

Week 2.4
1. Watch " Religion in Art".
2. Are these theological paintings, sculptures, textiles and illuminations from centuries ago still relevant to us? Why?
3. Return and comment on the posting of a classmate.